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Stainless steel fasteners how to choose

Release date:2016-12-12clicks:announcer:admin
Stainless steel standard parts of the production of raw materials have their own requirements. Most stainless steel materials can be made of steel wire or bar for fastener production, with austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, precipitation hardened stainless steel. So in the selection of the principles of what is it? The choice of stainless steel materials mainly from the following aspects to consider:
1, the fastener materials in the mechanical properties, especially the strength requirements;
2, working conditions of the material corrosion resistance requirements;
3, the working temperature of the material's heat resistance (high temperature strength, oxidation resistance) requirements;
4, the production process aspects of the material processing performance requirements;
5, other aspects, such as weight, price, procurement factors should be considered.
  Through these five aspects of a comprehensive, comprehensive consideration, the final selection by the relevant national standards for stainless steel materials. The production of standard parts and fasteners at the same time should also meet the technical requirements: bolts, screws and studs (3098.3-2000), nuts (3098.15-2000), set screws (3098.16-2000).

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