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Correct understanding of high - strength bolts and ordinary bolts

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01. What is the high-strength bolts
       High-Strength Friction Grip Bolt, High-Strength Friction Grip Bolt, English abbreviation: HSFG. Can be seen that our construction of the Chinese high-strength bolts are high-strength friction preload bolts referred to. In the daily communication, only a brief "friction (Friction)" "preload (Grip)" two words, has caused many engineering and technical personnel of the basic definition of high-strength bolts understanding, resulting in errors.
02. Correct understanding of "high strength", where strong
      According to GB50017, the calculation of single ordinary bolt (Class B) 8.8 and high strength bolts 8.8 grade tensile and shear strength.

Through calculation we can see that the same level of the case, the general bolt tensile strength and shear strength of the design values are higher than the high-strength bolts.
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